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00 Introducion/01 Welcome.f4v 176.00 B
00 Introducion/02 Using the excersize files.f4v 568.26 KB
01 Core Concepts/01 Designing for screens.f4v 2.42 MB
01 Core Concepts/02 Decoding screen size and resolution.f4v 6.47 MB
01 Core Concepts/03 Exploring the PSD-to-HTML workflow.f4v 5.12 MB
01 Core Concepts/04 Setting up Photoshop for web work.f4v 9.67 MB
01 Core Concepts/05 Creating a new document for web.f4v 4.89 MB
01 Core Concepts/06 Creating a new document for mobile.f4v 8.63 MB
01 Core Concepts/07 Setting up a responsive web layout.f4v 7.55 MB
01 Core Concepts/08 Creating email newsletter documents.f4v 5.88 MB
02 Working with Color/01 Adjusting color settings.f4v 8.14 MB
02 Working with Color/02 Understanding web color.f4v 8.41 MB
02 Working with Color/03 Creating a color palette.f4v 11.81 MB
02 Working with Color/04 Creating custom swatches.f4v 6.78 MB
02 Working with Color/05 Applting color to shapes and graphics.f4v 9.88 MB
03 Working with Layers/01 Exploring the Layers panel.f4v 10.32 MB
03 Working with Layers/02 Renaming and grouping layers.f4v 18.06 MB
03 Working with Layers/03 Searching and filtering layers.f4v 7.88 MB
03 Working with Layers/04 Using layer comps effectively.f4v 7.68 MB
03 Working with Layers/05 Using automatic layer selection.f4v 7.06 MB
04 Working with Shapes and Objects/01 Using vector shapes vs pixel shapes.f4v 7.67 MB
04 Working with Shapes and Objects/02 Creating vector shapes.f4v 10.52 MB
04 Working with Shapes and Objects/03 Working with fills and strokes.f4v 14.01 MB
04 Working with Shapes and Objects/04 Working with Smart Objects.f4v 16.65 MB
04 Working with Shapes and Objects/05 Importing images.f4v 11.24 MB
04 Working with Shapes and Objects/06 Cropping and resizing images.f4v 12.09 MB
05 Creating Wireframes/01 Planning your project.f4v 6.70 MB
05 Creating Wireframes/02 Using guides and rulers.f4v 14.90 MB
05 Creating Wireframes/03 Unig a grid system.f4v 19.45 MB
05 Creating Wireframes/04 Developing a layout with shape layers.f4v 8.62 MB
05 Creating Wireframes/05 Making pixel-perfect adjustments.f4v 14.51 MB
06 Working with Text/01 Using point text vs paragraph text.f4v 4.52 MB
06 Working with Text/02 Using text as text vs using text as an image.f4v 5.55 MB
06 Working with Text/03 Understanding web-safe fonts.f4v 6.61 MB
06 Working with Text/04 Inseting placeholder text.f4v 10.22 MB
06 Working with Text/05 Creating and using character styles.f4v 7.94 MB
06 Working with Text/06 Creating and using paragraph styles.f4v 18.78 MB
06 Working with Text/07 Creating editable 3D text.f4v 6.74 MB
07 Using Layer Styles/01 Understanding layer styles.f4v 15.05 MB
07 Using Layer Styles/02 Creating and using drop shadows.f4v 6.92 MB
07 Using Layer Styles/03 Creating better bevels.f4v 14.72 MB
07 Using Layer Styles/04 Simulating metalic textures.f4v 12.06 MB
07 Using Layer Styles/05 Saving and applying layer styles.f4v 6.54 MB
07 Using Layer Styles/06 Turning layer styles into independent layers.f4v 5.41 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/01 Starting with a wireframe.f4v 2.16 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/02 Organizing page structure.f4v 4.74 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/03 Adding master elements.f4v 12.89 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/04 Creating navigation.f4v 10.56 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/05 Working with photographs.f4v 10.03 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/06 Working with text.f4v 24.95 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/07 Creating media placeholders.f4v 19.54 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/08 Creating buttons.f4v 20.46 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/09 Creating form fields.f4v 19.09 MB
08 Creating a Web Site Mockup/10 Simulating pages with layer comps.f4v 4.47 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/01 Understanding slicing.f4v 5.09 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/02 Slicing up a mockup.f4v 10.82 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/03 Understanding web file formats.f4v 8.39 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/04 Exploring the Save for Web dialog.f4v 14.21 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/05 Optimizing photographs.f4v 12.69 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/06 Optimizing transparent graphics.f4v 11.12 MB
09 Optimizing Web Graphics/07 Saving Retina display graphics.f4v 12.07 MB
10 Creating Image Sprites/01 Understanding image sprites.f4v 3.36 MB
10 Creating Image Sprites/02 Creating a sprite grid.f4v 5.65 MB
10 Creating Image Sprites/03 Assembling a sprite.f4v 10.27 MB
10 Creating Image Sprites/04 Optimizing sprites for web.f4v 3.53 MB
105368_230x230.gif 12.86 KB
11 Automatinc Your Web Workflow/01 Creating basic actions.f4v 12.31 MB
11 Automatinc Your Web Workflow/02 Exploring batch processing.f4v 6.70 MB
11 Automatinc Your Web Workflow/03 Creating droplets.f4v 6.73 MB
11 Automatinc Your Web Workflow/04 Using Fit Image command.f4v 10.82 MB
11 Automatinc Your Web Workflow/05Using the Image Processor.f4v 4.99 MB
12 Working with Other Apps/01 Integrating PSD files with Dreamweaver.f4v 7.55 MB
12 Working with Other Apps/02 Integrating PSD files with Fireworks.f4v 4.62 MB
12 Working with Other Apps/03 Integrating PSD files with Muse.f4v 3.67 MB
13 Conclusion/01 Goodbye.f4v 3.42 MB
Course Transcript/transcript.htm 1.32 MB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/105368-banner-f.jpg 33.65 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/108130_trailer-r.jpg 9.02 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/435_trailer-r.jpg 9.65 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/619_trailer-r.jpg 10.11 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/76067_156_trailer-r.jpg 107.47 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/81266_trailer-r.jpg 10.51 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/86003_trailer-r.jpg 96.35 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/89048_trailer-r.jpg 105.23 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/91590_trailer-r.jpg 108.30 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/960.css 10.38 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/97613_trailer-r.jpg 110.52 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/97614_trailer-r.jpg 102.17 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/97617_trailer-r.jpg 109.24 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/97619_trailer-r.jpg 116.72 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/a.gif 42.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/a_002.gif 42.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/a_003.gif 42.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/accesspop.css 1.19 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/all.js 182.65 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/btn_search_54x18.gif 373.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/cbgapi.loaded_0 84.95 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/common.css 119.92 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/Cookies.js 1.39 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/core032.js 131.35 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/course.css 32.57 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/coursedetails.js 10.42 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/coursefeedback.js 3.77 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/coursesharing.js 7.38 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/cs6_newlistingpg_pod_280x280.jpg 69.88 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/downloadmanager.js 6.26 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/facebook2.gif 1.12 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/fastbutton.htm 27.29 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/footer.css 10.76 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/free-to-watch.gif 6.96 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/g16.css 6.57 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/ga.js 36.03 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/grid.css 11.05 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/header.css 20.51 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/hub.htm 20.03 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/hub_002.htm 20.03 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/hubclient.js 8.06 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/icon_share_email.png 547.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/jquery-modalpopup.css 12.91 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/jquery-modalpopup.js 11.47 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/jquery.css 11.19 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/jquery.js 106.39 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/jquery_002.js 12.79 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/jquery_003.js 27.26 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/like.htm 25.86 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/like_data/BYITDbuU_tw.js 100.85 KB
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Course Transcript/transcript_files/lynda-logo-on-blk.gif 2.86 KB
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Course Transcript/transcript_files/microsoft.js 6.08 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/notice 63.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/oauth.htm 391.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/pixel.gif 43.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/please_wait.gif 1.74 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/plugin.js 7.16 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/plugindetect.js 426.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/plusone.js 15.97 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/popupWindow.js 733.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/ready2.js 11.10 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/reset.css 2.67 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/ResubmitBlocker.js 1.58 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/seg.gif 42.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/seg_002.gif 42.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/seg_003.gif 42.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/sh098.htm 47.68 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/ShowWindow.js 3.32 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/SRUU2TZ3YFHGDDB7BLYKC5 2.52 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/startlearning.jpg 20.10 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/superfish.js 3.75 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/toggle.js 1.22 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/tooltipStyle.css 4.82 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/tweet_button.htm 58.58 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/tweet_button_data/jot.gif 43.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/tweet_button_data/t.gif 43.00 B
Course Transcript/transcript_files/twitter2.gif 1.22 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/usercollections.js 19.38 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/widget092.css 73.19 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/widgets.js 75.23 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/xd_arbiter.htm 25.32 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/xd_arbiter_002.htm 25.32 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/youtube2.gif 1.20 KB
Course Transcript/transcript_files/zeroclipboard.js 9.55 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/des4screens.psd 202.49 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/desktop.psd 727.33 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/mobile.psd 112.84 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/monitors.jpg 53.22 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/screen_sizes.psd 730.80 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/tablet.psd 348.82 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 01/workflow.psd 3.25 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/apply_colors.psd 361.58 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/hex_codes.psd 133.26 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/Innocent Passion 2.ase 268.00 B
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/poster.jpg 101.11 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 02/swatches.jpg 4.79 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 03/explore_layers.psd 1.00 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 03/layer_comps.psd 5.51 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 03/layers_grouped.psd 1.00 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/fills_strokes.psd 493.67 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/happybot.psd 600.05 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/raster_vector.psd 298.16 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/red_robot.jpg 398.43 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/ 174.06 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 04/toyshop.psd 4.53 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/blank_blog.psd 152.81 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/blank_blog_guides.psd 150.11 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/Demo HTML/index.html 511.00 B
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/Demo HTML/style.css 704.00 B
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/messy_mockup.psd 642.70 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/responsive_grid.psd 493.29 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 05/sketch.jpg 62.56 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/3d_text.psd 99.05 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/blog_styles.psd 818.29 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/safe_fonts.psd 4.26 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 06/text_image.psd 133.85 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/metal_icon.psd 424.14 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/shadow_layer.psd 1.20 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/tablet_styles.psd 456.64 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 07/tablet_styles_start.psd 365.19 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/add_text.psd 5.28 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/buttons.psd 6.32 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/create_navigation.psd 4.74 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/form_fields.psd 6.39 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/images/bots.psd 541.73 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/import_photos.psd 4.78 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/master_elements.psd 214.54 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/page_comps.psd 6.53 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/placeholders.psd 5.53 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/robot_swatches.ase 270.00 B
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/ 194.08 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/robot_toys_finished.psd 6.08 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/robot_toys_start.psd 210.30 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 08/video_poster.jpg 35.99 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/big_bot.psd 1.90 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/create_slices.psd 523.52 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/formats/GIF_Ad.gif 9.36 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/formats/JPG_Ad.jpg 14.25 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/formats/PNG_Ad.png 11.15 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/retina_graphics.psd 324.16 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/sliced_ads.psd 700.61 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 09/transparent_bot.psd 435.29 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/icons.psd 41.89 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/optimize.psd 80.81 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/sprite_grid.psd 24.97 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 10/sprites_done.psd 80.17 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/actions.psd 327.32 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Batch/robot1.jpg 99.93 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Batch/robot2.jpg 109.79 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Batch/robot3.jpg 99.09 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Fit Image/retro_car.jpg 1.39 MB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Fit Image/tin_spaceboy.jpg 900.53 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Fit Image/toy_soldier.jpg 244.40 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Fit Image/vintage_cycle.jpg 906.80 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Image Processor/flash_blue.psd 411.11 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Image Processor/flash_green.psd 384.21 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Image Processor/flash_grey.psd 251.76 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Image Processor/flash_pink.psd 396.57 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 11/Resizing.atn 262.00 B
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/Muse/button.psd 65.32 KB
Exercise Files/Chapter 12/robot_ad.psd 424.79 KB
Readme.txt 333.00 B
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